Background for Vierlanden Samplers

Hamburg is a big city in the north of Germany. Close to Hamburg you will find the Vierlanden, which is actually a part of Hamburg nowadays, but in the past the region consisted of 4 different small villages: Altengamme, Neuengamme, Curslack and Kirchenwerder.

The Vierlanden people were ruled by Hamburg and Lübeck from 1420 to 1868. Lübeck is another city in the north of Germany.

From about 1770 to 1850, people stitched a special kind of sampler using special motifs. The most famous Vierlanden Sampler is the one which Permin introduced. The original sampler can be found in the Stickmuster Museum in the town of Celle. The samplers were stitched on 46 or 50 count natural unbleached linen. Most of the samplers were very large and not all were completed.



87 x 87 stitches